segunda-feira, junho 05, 2017

Abrir uma caixa de Pandora?

A propósito deste texto de opinião "Os condomínios de Coase" nem de propósito, esta leitura de há dias "Why Uncertainty Makes Us Less Likely to Take Risks":
"Our willpower diminishes when the outcome is ambiguous. “People really want to avoid uncertainty,”
“Whether or not we prefer the future or the present, whether or not we delay our choices, depends in large part upon the uncertainty of what we face,”
“People really don’t like the complexity and cognitive load of making decisions under uncertain circumstances,”"
E mais esta de ontem, "Not Quite Rational Man":
"One increasingly acknowledged flaw of neoclassical theory is its oversimplified model of human nature, known by academics as “homo-economicus.”"

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