domingo, maio 14, 2017

"the opposite of both efficiency and standardization"

"Measuring the value of your organization is all done by the metrics that are employed to do so. [Moi ici: Mais uma razão para o balanced scorecard, para medir o que deve ser mesmo medido] And dependent on in which era the company finds itself it will measure its value and worth differently.
And so this is what happens in an incumbent organization:
They understand that they are loosing control over their customers and they try to go out and accommodate them — but everything in the DNA/OS/bloodstream of the organization is measuring increased customer activity as the opposite of both efficiency and standardization — and therefore any initiative becomes a costly mistake.
And nothing in the organization’s metrics is saying that it needs to rethink its world view in order for it to understand and be able to deliver on the customer orientation that it needs."
As organizações incumbentes já só pensam na eficiência e padronização quando, num mundo em evolução acelerada, o que é preciso é relação e interacção.

Trecho retirado de "Why are Customer Oriented Organizations Failing — They Are Using the Wrong Era of Metrics"

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