domingo, maio 28, 2017

Prisioneiros do passado

Recordar ""a historic transition in capitalism is unfolding"" ao ler:
"The greatest barrier most organizations have in moving into the future, is their inability to recognize how deeply mired their present thinking and practices are in a worldview belonging the distant past.
Moreover, because organizations, and the people that lead them, are so deeply focused on tangible processes and bottom-line results, there is often little time or tolerance for stepping back to think about their thinking, and how that thinking frames their perception of obstacles and opportunities.
For example, in a world increasingly defined by the non-linear interactions of multiple interdependent systems and individuals, coherence and effectiveness depend on the ability to discern context and sense the emergence of novel patterns. However, even with its relentless focus on innovation, contemporary business thinking remains deeply anchored to the sequential logic and predictability of Newtonian-era thought."

Trecho retirado de "To Think into the Future , We Must Begin Questioning the Past"

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