sábado, maio 13, 2017

Jornalismo com futuro

Ao longo dos anos escrevo aqui acerca da erosão e decadência do modelo económico dos jornalismo pago pela publicidade:

Acredito que o jornalismo regressará baseado num novo modelo de negócio baseado na subscrição paga e no serviço aos clientes underserved. E foi o que encontrei ao ler "The Local News Business Model":
"In short, the business model [Moi ici: Baseado na publicidade, apelando à maior audiência possível] drove the content, just as it drove every other piece of the business. It follows, though, that if the content bundle no longer makes sense — which it doesn’t in the slightest — that the business model probably doesn’t make sense either. This is the problem with newspapers: every aspect of their operations, from costs to content, is optimized for a business model that is obsolete. To put it another way, an obsolete business model means an obsolete business. There is nothing to be saved.
It is very important to clearly define what a subscriptions means. First, it’s not a donation: it is asking a customer to pay money for a product. What, then, is the product? It is not, in fact, any one article (a point that is missed by the misguided focus on micro-transactions). Rather, a subscriber is paying for the regular delivery of well-defined value.
This last point is at the crux of why many ad-based newspapers will find it all but impossible to switch to a real subscription business model. When asking people to pay, quality matters far more than quantity, and the ratio matters: a publication with 1 valuable article a day about a well-defined topic will more easily earn subscriptions than one with 3 valuable articles and 20 worthless ones covering a variety of subjects. Yet all too many local newspapers, built for an ad-based business model that calls for daily content to wrap around ads, spend their limited resources churning out daily filler even though those ads no longer exist."
O artigo continua e reforça a necessidade de uma forte disciplina de corte:
"It’s also worth noting what a subscription business model does not — must not — include:
Content that is widely available elsewhere. That means no national or international news (except what has a local impact, and even that is questionable), no non-local business content, no lifestyle section.
Non-journalistic costs centers.
This is perhaps the easiest change to make, and the hardest for newspaper advocates to accept. A subscription business is just that: a business that must, through its content, earn ongoing revenue from customers. That means understanding what those customers want, and what they don’t. It means focusing on the user experience, and the content mix. And it means selling by every member of the organization." 

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