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Cuidado com a tentação do volume.

"If you think it is difficult to sell with a higher price, try selling with a lower price, where you are undifferentiated and commoditized."
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"Your company has a business model and a strategy. If your strategy is to differentiate your offering and create greater value, you no doubt have a higher price than many—or most—of your competitors. That higher price isn’t some arbitrary decision. It’s based on what is required for you to execute and deliver for your clients.
If you are exactly as good as you are now and lowered your prices to match your competitors, you would no doubt sell a lot more than you are selling now. Selling would be much easier once you take price out of the equation.
But here’s the thing: selling more doesn’t make sense.
Let’s say your Net Profit is 8 percent of Revenue. To match your competitor’s price, you would have to reduce your prices by 11 percent. Now you are better, and you are dead even on price. That sounds good, because you can massively increase your sales. But that reduction in price across all revenue would leave you with Net Revenue Loss of 3 percent. Congratulations, you broke the model and destroyed the strategy."
Cuidado com a tentação do volume.

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