segunda-feira, maio 15, 2017

"autonomy at work is the key to employee satisfaction"

"A recent survey conducted by The Harvard Business Review reveals that autonomy at work (not micromanagement) is the key to employee satisfaction and organizational achievement.
It describes this concept as "rebelling," or giving employees the freedom to "deviate from organizational norms, others' actions, or common expectations, to the benefit of the organization."
Autonomy for your employees depends on clearly defining your company vision while grounding every project in logical outcomes. Issues arise when people get caught up in their output (how much work they're producing) without a defined outcome (what it is they need to produce).
"Am I working on the right thing?" is a hard question to answer without understanding what the outcome should be.
When you hire the right people and share the outcomes you wish to achieve and why, you can trust them to figure out the how
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Trechos retirados de "This Harvard Survey Reveals What Most People Miss About Leadership"

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