domingo, maio 28, 2017

Agilidade estratégica

"most organizations implementing Agile are still preoccupied with upgrading existing products and services through cost reductions, time savings or quality enhancements for existing customers (i.e. what one might call operational Agility). What they — and the wider management community — need to realize that the main financial benefits from Agile management will flow from the next frontier: generating innovations that create entirely new markets by turning non-customers into customers, i.e. Strategic Agility.
Make no mistake: operational Agility is still a good thing. In fact, it’s increasingly necessary for a firm to survive. [Moi ici: ???] And it’s also the foundation for Strategic Agility. But it is not enough. In a marketplace where competitors are often quick to match improvements to existing products and services and where power in the marketplace has decisively shifted to customers, it can be difficult for firms to monetize those improvements. Amid intense competition, customers with choices and access to reliable information are frequently able to demand that quality improvements be forthcoming at no cost, or even lower cost. In addition, firms need to master Strategic Agility."
Quando se deu o choque chinês, no início deste século, e as PME ficaram impossibilitadas de competir pelo preço:

Tiveram de usar esta agilidade estratégica:
"Os sapatos vendiam-se a 20 euros e deixaram de ter procura. Hoje, vendem-se entre os 90 e os 230 euros e têm procura"

Trechos retirados de "The Four Keys You Need To Achieve Strategic Agility"

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