quarta-feira, maio 31, 2017

A importância do ecossistema

Quem segue este blogue sabe que há milhares de anos que sublinhamos aqui a importância de pensar a nível de ecossistema.
"“Design-driven architecture allows organizations to understand an ecosystem and its actors, gain insight into them and their behavior, and develop and evolve the services they need,”
Digital business emphasizes the importance of ecosystems, or the network of customers, partners and organizations that surround a business. The increasing interconnections of people and devices also reinforce the need for enterprise architects to consider all of their organization’s ecosystems. “EA and technology innovation leaders need a holistic view of internal and external ecosystems. For example, a hospital’s EA team should consider its core ecosystem — medical staff, administrators and patients — as well as families, support groups and other external influencers,”"
Trechos retirados de "The Evolution of Enterprise Architecture"

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