terça-feira, abril 25, 2017

Para fazer uns cortes epistemológicos

"The number of patent applications filed by emerging market countries has overtakenthose filed by the developed world for the first time.
The 12 leading EM nations applied for 1.49m patents in 2015, outstripping the 1.48m in developed market countries, according to figures from the World Intellectual Property Organisation, collated by Comgest, a Paris-based asset manager, as the first chart shows.
The figures are a far cry from 2004, when the 12 emerging market countries, which account for the vast majority of developing world filings, made just 372,000 applications, 29 per cent of the 1.3m made by the advanced world.
This signals the dawn of a new age of innovation as EM economies start to shake off their image as purely centres for low-cost manufacturing for companies in developed markets,” said Emil Wolter, co-head of Comgest’s global emerging markets team."
Trecho retirado de "Emerging markets file more patents than the west"

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