quinta-feira, março 09, 2017

"They buy solutions to their problems"

"Forget features and product enhancements, understand customer needs and pain-points:
This kind of thinking outside of your own product and from the customer’s point of view is what separates great product leaders from the merely good;
The only companies who succeed over the long-term will be those who define themselves based on their customers’ needs and desires and not those who bank on the presumed longevity of their products.
Usually, PMs can become so focused on continually shipping features on time and delivering the next great product, that they may neglect to take the time to speak to actual users and fully understand the implications of their last product launch.
It’s easy to be a good PM in the shorter term by shipping a number of features and enhancements than a great PM who takes time off to figure out ‘what to build’ that actually solves the real user problem before rushing to build it. Good PMs keep shipping, whereas great PMs go back to the user every time they ship something.
Nobody really cares about your shiny new feature or product! Customers buy benefits or expected outcomes! They buy solutions to their problems.
Because at it’s core, the fundamental responsibility of a product manager is not to be the company’s leading expert on the product but to be the company’s leading expert on the customer.
At a fundamental level, product management deals with the most difficult problem in human experience: how to see things from other people’s point of view.
The only way is to consistently talk to and ask your customers."
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