sexta-feira, março 31, 2017

sic gloria transit

E pensar no modelo de Kano:

E reflectir em:
"No matter what you've measured or estimated, your differentiation exists only in theory unless you can execute on it. This is when you find out whether your differentiation is real. If you have quality issues with your products or services, if you can't deliver on time, or if your people are unfriendly, the best-intended models in the world won't save you. If your business model is broken and you have waited too long to innovate, you may have passed the tipping point. To compensate for these shortcomings, customers will place you in the commodity category and will ask for discounts. They will want to know how much you will compensate them for your deficits, such as bad delivery. From their perspective, this fits with the logic of the value pool. If the real value you deliver is lower than you planned, you cannot justify the same prices. You need performance and execution, not just paper value."

Trecho retirados de Stephan M. Liozu em "Dollarizing Differentiation Value: A Practical Guide for the Quantification and the Capture of Customer Value" 

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