quinta-feira, março 16, 2017

Premortem e gestão de riscos

"A premortem, which is beneficial for just about every endeavor, from running a marathon to starting a business, simply asks you to envision that you failed and to ask yourself: What went wrong? Or, in the words of Kahneman, “Imagine that you are [X amount of time] into the future. You implemented your plan as it now exists. The outcome was a disaster. Take five to ten minutes to write a brief history of that disaster.” [Moi ici: O desastre pode ser provocado porque tivemos demasiado sucesso e a nossa empresa não estava preparada para ele. Por exemplo, falta de capacidade produtiva. Fornecedores incapazes de escalarem o seu fornecimento, armazém insuficiente ]
Going through this exercise not only helps to ensure that your optimism is at least somewhat grounded in reality, but it also helps you to uncover potential pitfalls on the path to your goal that might otherwise be overlooked. This way, you can prepare for them in advance."
Posso relacionar isto com a abordagem baseada nos riscos da ISO 9001:2015, por exemplo.

Trecho retirado de "To Reach Your Goals, Imagine You Already Tried and Failed"

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