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"Focus is a qualifier, obsession is a differentiator"

"High performing organizations, and people, are great at putting talent to work. Mostly because it’s about repetition. The problem is repetition doesn’t transcend; it stagnates. While obsessive people keep pushing the boundaries, stretching out beyond what is known into the unknown, trying different stuff.
The most interesting and successful people I know have an obsession with something. Whether it’s plants, fitness, drawing, painting, laughing, you name it; their mindset and drive is extreme compared to others who merely enjoy the same activities. Obsessive people look beyond the obvious, push boundaries, challenge assumptions to outperform themselves.
I see many people in business obsess over the wrong things all the time.
Focus is a qualifier, obsession is a differentiator
I know many talented operators (VP’s, General Managers) who obsess over metrics because that is how they’re evaluated, but this focus on metrics blinds you from the bigger picture: what matters to customers.
The most innovative and successful companies obsess over their customers to the point of being silly. They create their own practices to fulfill that obsession because existing practices are mediocre. This is what it take to be great, different and transcend beyond life as usual.
Passion and talent are necessary ingredients to achieve success in any endeavor. But, obsession is what separates the great from the good."
Como não recordar: Only the paranoid survive!

Em Mongo, com a explosão de tribos, teremos cada vez mais empresas a ter de servir nichos, a ter de servir pessoas que não ficam satisfeitas com a média.

Como não recordar o meu tempo de birdwatcher e as intermináveis discussões sobre qual o melhor guia de campo, o da Collins ou o da Hamlyn.

Sempre acreditei nisto, pessoas obcecadas acabam sempre por ter vantagem sobre as pessoas talentosas ou competentes. Só pessoas obcecadas têm a energia por trás da paixão de fazer diferente e de testar o que os outros evitam.

Trechos retirados de "Obsession: The Difference Between Good and Great"

PS: A memória fez-me recuar a 2007 e a este postal.

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