quinta-feira, março 09, 2017

Copiar o litoral não é a solução

Dedicado ao Nuno e a Bragança, não esquecendo este modelo de negócio:
"Inspired by the worldwide success of wine tourism over the past decade, and partly as a way of adding value to “what there is”, Jaén’s regional government has begun promoting “oleoturismo” — olive oil tourism. Its Oleo Tour initiative brings together almazaras (olive mills) that can be visited, specialist shops, farms where guests can stay, spas with olive-based treatments, tour-operators offering 4x4 safaris among the plantations, and fine modern restaurants — most notably Canela en Rama in Linares — that show off the qualities of local extra virgin olive oil in their menus. There’s a website with a searchable map showing all the olive-related attractions, even down to the location of particularly ancient and important individual trees (one, close to the village of La Iruela, is more than 350 years old and has a trunk more than 10 metres in circumference).
Later, over lunch at Casa Antonio, Jaén’s best restaurant, there was a great deal more oil to be poured. Results had come in that morning from the annual Jaén Selección contest, when the year’s best extra virgin oils are chosen amid Oscars-style excitement. Chef Pedro Sánchez brought eight white saucers for me to taste and sniff the winning oils, helping me identify their complex aromas of freshly cut grass, aromatic herbs, almond, artichoke and fig leaves, and the kick of piquant spice at the back of the throat — a valued characteristic of Jaén’s finest olive oils."
Frutos secos!
Douro Internacional!

Basta a escola perder o estatuto de uniformizador do país para que cada vez mais gente descubra que copiar o litoral não é a solução.

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