sexta-feira, março 17, 2017

Competitividade e capital de reivindicação? (parte IV)

Parte III e parte II.

Há dias escrevi "Desempenho impressionante" a propósito do notável desempenho do sector de moldes em Portugal.

Ontem, mão amiga chamou-me a atenção para "Portugal: What happens when two winners meet":
"When you invite 50 journalists on a trip to Portugal, you are planning big. In this case Messe Stuttgart is preparing for this year's Moulding Expo.
According to ISTMA, the International Special Tooling & Machining Association, Portugal is 9th on the list of the biggest global players in the tool, die and mould industry, with a production worth € 607 mn. In Europe they are 4th biggest producer after Germany, Italy and France. With an export value of € 581 mn they are third in Europe.
Most of the Portuguese produce does not stay in Portugal: Over 90% of the moulds for plastic injection are exported to over 80 countries world wide. Since 2010 the export increased by 92%. As a whole, the Portuguese production increased by 78% in the past 6 years."
E é isto, Portugal está cheio de exemplos deste tipo em cada vez mais sectores

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