quinta-feira, março 16, 2017

"a winning strategy demands ruthless prioritization"

"Principle 3: Resource allocation is purposely undemocratic
Many planning processes default to “last year plus” when allocating resources across the organization. Planners spread investment around democratically, divvying up precious resources among every unit that has received an allocation in the past with little regard to real future potential. As each unit lobbies on its own behalf, it only seems “fair” to reward satisfactory performance.
But a winning strategy demands ruthless prioritization; satisfactory is not good enough. The planning process should be biased toward defining the company’s most critical future growth opportunities and purposely allocating the largest share of dollars, time and even talent against them. It should encourage the company to staff “big jobs with big people”—recruiting the best performers from the lower-value areas where they may have become entrenched. Strategy isn’t figuring out how to make the most of every opportunity but a rigorous exercise to determine how the company can redeploy trapped resources and overwhelm the opportunities that really matter."
Trecho retirado de "Strategic Planning That Produces Real Strategy"

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