segunda-feira, fevereiro 20, 2017

Uma aceleração tremenda

Outro sintoma de Mongo e da força da:

  • personalização;
  • rapidez,;
  • proximidade; e do
  • online
"Third-generation furniture maker Meganne Wecker is betting that customization will be the next big trend in home decor, and she's anted up to capitalize on it.
a digital textile printer capable of producing fabric in any one of 500 colors or patterns.
The question is how fast the market for midrange custom pieces will arrive, and how big it will be when it does.
Skyline's customers do not yet have websites designed to offer the "Nike experience"—so dubbed because consumers can craft and order customized sneakers online from the shoemaker. The Thornton company spent more than $1 million last year to buy the printer; it plans to offer its first customizable furniture through an online retailer sometime this year. The company expects others to follow.
High-end manufacturers like Lexington Furniture have offered customization for decades, if customers were willing to pay top dollar and wait four to 12 weeks. But Wecker doesn't need to order textiles from a supplier, and she doesn't need to buy in bulk. She just prints the fabric.
t's not just about the sales, either. It's about margin. Customization is one more way for retailers to differentiate themselves in a crowded market so they're not competing on price,"
Em todo o lado a força de Mongo e a implosão do Normalistão herdado do século XX.

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