terça-feira, fevereiro 14, 2017

"achieving strategic Agility"

Onde se lê "Strategic Agility" leia-se concorrência imperfeita, leia-se batota:
"While most large organizations are still learning how to master operational Agility, the main financial benefits from Agile management will flow from the next Agile frontier: achieving strategic Agility.
Today, the practice of Agile management (and its analogs, such as “Lean” and “design thinking”) still reflects a preoccupation with achieving operational agility... with efficiency gains or quality improvements.
We tend to confuse capitalism with competition,” [Moi ici: Procurar criar uma situação de concorrência imperfeita é fugir da concorrência em busca de um monopólio informal] says Peter Thiel, the creator of PayPal and a lecturer at Stanford. “We tend to think that whoever competes best comes out ahead. In the race to be more competitive, we sometimes confuse what is hard with what is valuable. The intensity of competition becomes a proxy for value…Instead of being slightly better than everybody else in a crowded and established field, it’s often more valuable to create a new market and totally dominate it. The profit margins are much bigger, and the value to society is often bigger, too.”
This is the dark secret of the Agile management revolution: the major financial gains from Agile management will come from the next frontier of Agile management: moving beyond operational Agility to strategic agility—namely, through mastering market-creating innovation."
Trechos retirados de "Beyond Agile Operations: How To Achieve The Holy Grail Of Strategic Agility"

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