terça-feira, janeiro 03, 2017

"Your higher price makes it easier to sell"

Recordo "Assim, partem já derrotados" antes de:
"You may believe that one of the primary challenges you have when selling is your higher price. Because you invariably get questions around your higher price, and because you are continually compared with your lower-priced competitors, it’s easy to conclude that your higher price makes selling more difficult.
This is categorically untrue. Your higher price makes it easier to sell, and a lower price makes it more difficult."
Recomendo vivamente a leitura de "If You Think It’s Hard to Sell with a Higher Price, Try Selling a Low Price" porque o texto é mesmo muito bom!
"It’s easier to sell with a higher price. First, the price itself is an indication of quality. It’s a shortcut that indicates you are investing more in generating better outcomes, whether that be a better product, a better service, or a better solution.[Moi ici: Recordar "Uma das minhas missões" e as "respostas que me satisfariam"]
A higher price also means that you are doing something different that makes a difference worth paying for. That difference, that ability to solve your perspective client’s challenge and give them what they really want or need is what is worth paying more to obtain. When you sell at a higher price, you are compared to competitors at all price points, which allows your prospective client to look for differentiation worth paying for.
At a higher price, you have something to sell. At a lower price, the only thing you have to sell is a lower price. If delivering greater value at a lower price was easier, more sales organizations would choose that strategy."
"If You Think It’s Hard to Sell with a Higher Price, Try Selling a Low Price"

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