segunda-feira, janeiro 16, 2017

Visão alternativa (parte II)

Nem propósito, mais um texto sobre Mongo, sobre a democratização da produção e sobre a tal visão alternativa:
"Digitization makes it easier for smaller firms and startups to participate in the global economy. By joining e-commerce marketplaces, individuals and small companies can reach a critical mass of global customers. Sellers on eBay, for example, can sign up to be featured on eBay sites in other countries, join a global shipping program, and clear transactions with PayPal. Today there are some 50 million small and medium-size enterprises worldwide on Facebook, a number that has doubled from two years ago.
That leaves the question of how to help those hurt by trade and globalization. Too often we talk about retraining as a panacea; we need to do much more. We need to reinvest in dislocated communities, lower the costs and barriers to trade, match smaller firms with foreign markets, match communities with foreign investors, ensure unfettered access to cross-border digital platforms, provide greater safety net measures"
Trechos retirados de "We Can’t Undo Globalization, but We Can Improve It"

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