segunda-feira, janeiro 09, 2017

"There are no pricing problems; only segmentation problems"

"What is the most important thing you can share about pricing?
  • There are no pricing problems; only segmentation problems. [Moi ici: Qual é mesmo a segmentação que a sua empresa faz?]
  • Think about your end-customer first.
  • Value is in the perspective of the person with whom you are talking.
  • The value changes in context as well.
How does a price war destroy value?
  • War results in destruction and casualties and price war leads to value destruction. – Dropped Mobile Profits
  • There is a misconception of success when you capture market share.
  • The causation effect is lost in the minds of people during a price war.
  • Market share at any cost is chasing the wrong target.
  • Which comes first, market share or profit?
  • Profit comes first as it creates value for the customer; value comes first."

Trechos retirados de "The Ethics of Price Discrimination with Rags Srinivasan"

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