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Que acham da capacidade dos humanos?

"It is rousing and worrisome (depending on whether you are playing offense or defense) to recognize that these persuasive outcomes can flow from attention- shifting techniques so slight as to go unrecognized as agents of change.
[Moi ici: A estória que se segue é deliciosa] Suppose you’ve started an online furniture store that specializes in various types of sofas. Some are attractive to customers because of their comfort and others because of their price. Is there anything you can think to do that would incline visitors to your website to focus on the feature of comfort and, consequently, to prefer to make a sofa purchase that prioritized it over cost?
In an article largely overlooked since it was published in 2002, they described how they were able to draw website visitors’ attention to the goal of comfort merely by placing fluffy clouds on the background wallpaper of the site’s landing page. That maneuver led those visitors to assign elevated levels of importance to comfort when asked what they were looking for in a sofa. Those same visitors also became more likely to search the site for information about the comfort features of the sofas in stock and, most notably, to choose a more comfortable (and more costly) sofa as their preferred purchase.
To make sure their results were due to the landing page wallpaper and not to some general human preference for comfort, Mandel and Johnson reversed their procedure for other visitors, who saw wallpaper that pulled their attention to the goal of economy by depicting pennies instead of clouds. These visitors assigned greater levels of importance to price, searched the site primarily for cost information, and preferred an inexpensive sofa. Remarkably, despite having their importance ratings, search behavior, and buying preferences all altered pre-suasively by the landing page wallpaper, when questioned afterward, most participants refused to believe that the depicted clouds or pennies had affected them in any way."
Que acham disto?

Que acham da capacidade dos humanos?

Entretanto, ontem à noite ao preparar uma sessão de trabalho numa empresa visitei o seu sítio na internet e encontrei como missão:
"É nossa missão oferecer serviços, a um preço justo e ..."
O primeiro tópico a que chamam a atenção é ... o preço! No entanto, nos testemunhos sobre o que fazem e para quem aparecem nomes ligados ao segmento do luxo.

Trechos retirados de "Pre-suasion"

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