terça-feira, janeiro 24, 2017

Magnitograd vs Estranhistão

Tão Mongo... recordar Coase e a redução das fricções.
"Corporations are the dominant mechanism by which economic activity is organized.
Over the past years, intelligent technologies, peer-to-peer cryptocurrencies and the Internet have laid the foundation for a very small size and a very low-cost enterprise with the potential for managing very large numbers of business relationships. [Moi ici: Every laptop is a corporation] The impact of these new actors is still hard to grasp because we are used to thinking about work from a different perspective.
Our thinking arises from a make-and-sell economic model. Most managers still subscribe to this and think that the core of creating value is to plan and manage a supply chain.
In the mass-market economy, the focus was to create a quality product. With increased global competition that is not enough any more. The focus changes to a joint process of defining and solving contextual problems. You and your customer necessarily then become cooperators. [Moi ici: A aposta na interacção, na co-criação, a tal "shared identities"] You are together creating value in a way that both satisfies the customer and ensures a profit for you. New economic spaces beyond incumbent firms are emerging."

Trechos retirados de "The programmable enterprise"

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