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Ao criar uma estratégia

"The Four Fundamental Questions You Must Answer When Creating a Strategy
What Propels Us Forward? [Moi ici: São produtos e serviços? São clientes e mercados? São capacidades? São tecnologias? São canais de distribuição? São matérias-primas?]
What Do We Sell?
Who Are Our Customers? [Moi ici: Um tema clássico neste blogue]
When determining whom you’ll sell to, you are once again faced with a choice: Which customer groups (and geographies) do we place more emphasis on in the future, and which deserve less of our attention? The first step in answering this question is acquiring a clear understanding of your current group of customers  reviewing standard metrics such as Net promoter score, profitability customer group, retention, and market share. It’s also vital to experience from your customers’ point of view in order to glean insights not visible within the walls of your corporate headquarters.
How Do We Sell?
This is perhaps the most crucial of the four questions, as it determines value proposition. In other words, how do you add value for customers, or to put it even simpler: Why would anyone buy from you? Despite the importance of the question, the choices awaiting you are limited and basic: You can either attempt to offer the lowest total cost of ownership to your customers or you can put forth a differentiated product or service.
Companies that compete on lowest total cost invest deeply in capabilities, processes, and assets that allow them to standardize their operations, and create a repeatable formula that results in low prices for the consumer. Think of Wal-Mart in the retail world or McDonald’s in the fast-food industry."
Com uma PME prefiro pensar em:

  • Qual a nossa identidade?
  • A quem servimos bem com vantagem para ambas as partes?
  • Qual a melhor forma de chegar a quem servimos? 

Trechos retirados de "Objectives and Key Results - Driving Focus, Alignment, and Engagement with OKRs" de Paul Niven e Bem Lamorte

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