sexta-feira, dezembro 16, 2016

"reforça-se ou entra em contradição?"

Isto, "Clarificar o posicionamento", não deixa de estar relacionado com "How to Prioritize Your Company’s Projects":
"Every organization needs what I call a “hierarchy of purpose.” Without one, it is almost impossible to prioritize effectively.
Take another real example: a postal service company delivering packages to customers. Like many other postal services, the company has been struggling to survive in an era of increasing competition and digital substitutes. Senior leaders gathered employees together at a series of town hall events where the CEO asked them to focus on two operational priorities: efficiency (reducing delivery times) and customer satisfaction (ensuring customers had a good experience).
One employee, Mary, got the message. And it worked fine until she was out delivering packages and was met at the door by an elderly man who asked her to come in and talk for a while. Mary’s natural inclination was to spend a little time with the lonely old man. It would be a kind thing to do, and surely it would also increase customer satisfaction. But then she froze. What about efficiency? If she spent even a few minutes chatting with her customer, her delivery times would suffer. What was she meant to do? Thousands of employees at this company were facing similar trade-offs every day."
Quem são os clientes-alvo?  Quais são os JTBD que a empresa assume como os mais importantes, aqueles em que pode fazer a diferença? A rede de actividades que os suporta reforça-se ou entra em contradição?

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