sábado, dezembro 03, 2016

Pensar à frente

A propósito de "Amazon Business Has Painted a Bullseye on the Industrial Supply Market":
"There is a litany of reasons why Amazon Business should keep industrial supply executives awake at night. Originally, Amazon Business targeted small and medium-sized companies, but it was met with unexpected enthusiasm by its large customers.
Ryan, bullish, believes his 5,000-strong sales force is key to Grainger's success. Amazon won't be able to replicate that advantage anytime soon, he suggests. However, while the service offerings Grainger supplies with product orders set it apart, there's little to stop Amazon Business from developing these services alongside its product business. Or, they could simply run their margins thin enough to draw off Grainger's customers, who would only return to Grainger for the consultations they offer on energy efficiency, workplace safety, and the like.[Moi ici: Pensei logo na Dow e Xiameter mas aqui estamos no campeonato do retalho, não do fabrico]
Just as with food distribution, Amazon can bring transformative disruption to an industry that has not significantly innovated in more than a generation. In the process, it would turn many established firms into commoditized merchants relying on Amazon for order fulfillment.
No matter the value-add provided with a purchase, a screw is a screw and a drill press is a drill press. As long as the product quality doesn't suffer, industrial supply customers will gladly click a different button if it means cost reduction and convenience.
The right play for an incumbent is not to double down through acquisitions or increasing its salesforce. Instead, incumbents should be looking to go on the offensive by creating an industry-wide marketplace in which competitors participate and become subordinate players to the platform owner. Anyone looking to adopt this strategy should start with the small potatoes and scoop them up into the network and farm loyalty from their customers. Once the demand scales up, bigger players on both sides will be drawn to the network, granting it sought-after critical mass and market power."

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