quarta-feira, dezembro 07, 2016

Dedicado ao amigo de Mação

"It used to be that companies gained competitive advantage through optimizing their value chains. By building up proprietary resources and negotiating power with customers and suppliers, they could leverage power in the marketplace. Those incremental gains would then lead to greater competitive advantage, creating a virtuous cycle.
Yet today, it’s no longer about the resources you control, but those you can access and that’s no longer dependent on building market power, but by widening and deepening connections to ecosystems of talent, technology and information. So you can no longer think about your organization as a collection of tangible and intangible assets, you need to treat it as a platform.
Competitive advantage is no longer the sum of all efficiencies, but the sum of all connections."
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"Trechos retirados de "Today, Every Business Must Transform Itself Into A Platform"

2 comentários:

EA disse...

My dear friend, Is a change of paradigms silent and irreversible!

Manuel disse...

The very heart of the matter. To the point as always.We all have to empower ourselves to think and act that way with confidence and a can do attitude.
All the best and we will keep meeting along the road