segunda-feira, dezembro 05, 2016

Acerca da "customer centricity"

"Customer Success has also been used as a proxy for customer-centricity. On it’s surface, companies will invest time and resources to engage the customer with free consulting services in order to lock-in that next sale, or subscription payment. But they are always asking “How are We Doing?” and not the more appropriate question, How are You Doing? [Moi ici: Recordar esta reflexão] And even if they were, again, there is no common agreement around the definition of a customer need.
The only path beyond this chaotic view of the customer is to understand what they are trying to accomplish in their lives, or businesses, in a clear step-by-step way. After all, we spend a lot of time transforming processes and measuring the the resulting activities. So, why wouldn’t you also want to understand the process a customer goes through to get something done?"
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Trechos retirados de "Is Customer-centricity Dead?"

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