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Planear a monitorização e avaliação

"Planning, monitoring and evaluation are at the heart of a learning-based approach to management. Achieving collaborative, business/environmental or personal goals requires effective planning and follow-through. The plan is effectively a “route-map” from the present to the future. To plan a suitable route you must know where you are (situation analysis) [Moi ici: Desempenho hoje] and where you want to go [Moi ici: Desempenho futuro desejado, as metas] (establish goals and identify outcomes). Only then can appropriate action plans be developed to help achieve the desired future.
Planning and monitoring as a roadmap
However, because the future is uncertain, our action plans must be adaptive and allow continually for “learning by doing”.
there are two sets of monitoring plans needed. Results monitoring focusses on whether you are getting where you want to go, [Moi ici: Indicadores de resultados, indicadores de consequências no balanced scorecard. Perspectivas financeiras e de clientes] while process monitoring focusses on how efficiently you are geting there.[Moi ici: Indicadores da perspectiva interna e da de recursos e infraestruturas e plano de actividades das iniciativas estratégicas] Indicators in this regard may be either qualitative or quantitative, and a combination of the two is often best. An evaluation is like a good story, it needs some (qualitative) anecdotal evidence to put the lesson in context, and some (quantitative) facts and figures that reinforce the message.
Motivation for change = understanding + ability + imperative ()
Worldwide there is a trend towards an increased use of indicators to monitor development and track progress. Indicators quantify and simplify phenomena, and help us understand and make sense of complex realities. To be most meaningful, a monitoring and evaluation program should provide insights into cause-and-effect relationships between environmental or socio-economic stressors and the anticipated ecosystem responses and subsequent social and economic outcomes."

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