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"People, not businesses, buy products"

Julgo que esta é a última citação decorrente da leitura de "When coffee and kale compete" e é acerca de um tema relevante para o meu trabalho nas empresas: os ecossistemas da procura:
"People, not businesses, buy products. Some are tempted to treat B and D differently than A and C. The case is made that there are differences between what is called business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) markets. I don’t make any such distinction. From a JTBD point of view, there’s not much difference between children asking their parents to take them to Disneyland and employees asking their bosses to get them better equipment.
What matters to us are: (1) do multiple people have varying degrees of influence on the decision and (2) what kind of progress is everyone trying to make with a particular product – regardless if they are using it, buying it or both.[Moi ici: Recordar o Gabinete de Arquitectura deste postal]
When multiple systems interact. Instead of segregating B2B markets from B2C markets, I suggest we make the distinction between products that interact with one system of progress (what we’ve studied thus far and what most call B2C products), and those that interact with multiple systems of progress 
Everyone expects a product to help them make progress, regardless if they don’t buy it or use it directly.

Study the system, not just “users” and “choosers”. One of the most important principles of JTBD is solutions and Jobs should be thought of as parts of a system that work together to deliver progress to customers."
Recordar este postal e a figura:
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