terça-feira, novembro 15, 2016

Para pensar estrategicamente

Em "How Leaders Can Focus on the Big Picture" encontrei uma série de conselhos que fazem muito sentido para qualquer empresa:
"Make choices in the negative. For everything you decide you want (a particular market positioning, an investment in a new product, a new capability or function), articulate what that means you can’t do. This forces you to think through the consequences of choosing these options by thinking about what the trade-offs are for each choice you are making.[Moi ici: Cada vez me convenço mais de que estratégia mais do que escolher é renunciar]
Pretend you have no money. When organizations are strapped for cash, they have to make hard choices about what to spend money on because they don’t have enough. It’s often during such times that leaders describe themselves as at their most strategic.
Having too many priorities means you don’t really have any, which puts your organization’s implementation capability under strain. It also compromises your own leadership bandwidth, reducing your ability to macromanage. So pretend you’re cash-strapped — it will act as the ultimate constraint on your desire to choose everything.[Moi ici: Foco e alinhamento são fundamentais]
Talk to the unusual suspects. These could be inside or outside your organization, but whoever they are, choose them because they are likely to disagree with you, challenge you, or tell you something you don’t know."[Moi ici: Quando todos pensam o mesmo... alguém está a mais]

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