terça-feira, novembro 08, 2016

Market-driven ou market-driving (parte III)

Parte I e parte II.
O exemplo da aceleração que a Benetton introduziu na sua forma de trabalhar para tentar fazer face à Zara, H&M et al:
"These transformations in the company’s logistics and operations have enabled to increase the number and structure of collections. Before 2003, retailers had to order the most of the items (80 per cent) before the beginning of the commercial season and only two collections were available, the Spring/Summer and the Autumn/Winter. The rest of the items (reassortments or flash) were mainly reorders and, only in small amounts, orders of new products designed during the selling season (20-30 per cent)
Because of this rigidity, customers searching for the last fashion trends did not return to the shops. To face this problem, the Benetton Group has increased the number of collections and decreased the amount of orders received before the selling season. The traditional seasonal collection was substituted by two main collections (Contemporary 1 and Contemporary 2) articulated in four launches: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter with a time-to-market between four and eight months. In addition, in order to favour customers’ footfall to shops, Benetton has introduced new collections during the selling season:
trends, a collection more sensitive to the fashion tendencies with time-to-market between one and four months;
just in time, a collection that aims to satisfying sensitive customers fashion;
continuative items, these items represent the core of the Benetton collection and are manufactured in stocks and brought to the market in a very short time (seven days in Italy and 15 days throughout the rest of the world); and
nice price articles, which are basic yet original and are inspired by the practical needs of day-to-day living."
 Talvez o melhor que a Benetton podia fazer seria não tentar competir no campeonato do fast-fashion. Encolher, fugir dele e procurar manter-se como uma empresa market-driving.

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