terça-feira, outubro 11, 2016

"Solutions come and go, while Jobs stay largely the same"

"Solutions come and go, while Jobs stay largely the same. JTBD is about understanding human motivation as a problem to be solved. Human motivation changes slowly. Therefore, Jobs change slowly.
Solutions, on the other hand, constantly change because technology enables better ways of creating solutions that solve our Jobs. This is why we focus on the JTBD and not the product itself or what the product does.
Favor progress over outcomes and goals.
Over time, you will notice that you need to change the outcomes and goals you deliver to customers. Why? A successful product and business will continually improve customers’ lives. As customers use your product to make their lives better, they will face new challenges and desire new goals and outcomes."
Trechos retirados de "When coffee & kale compete" de Alan Klement.

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