quarta-feira, outubro 12, 2016

"products as part of a system"

Gostei deste exemplo retirado de "When coffee & kale compete" de Alan Klement.
"Grill manufacturer Weber understands the idea of products as part of a system. Weber doesn’t sell only grills. It offers educational materials, recipes, party-planning guides, grilling accessories, and even a free phone hotline for grilling advice. Weber offers all these additional products because it understands that the customers’ JTBD isn’t about owning a grill that functions to cook things; it’s about being someone who can use a grill to make tasty food and becoming a better griller. For many grillers, the JTBD is also about entertaining friends and family with cooking theater, as well as tasty food. In this case, it’s about becoming a better host and entertainer. Weber understands that no matter how well its grills function, if customers can’t use them to make progress against their JTBD, the grills are worthless.
The understanding that customers are buying a better version of themselves is why Weber delivers a constellation of products that work together—as a system—to help customers make progress. This is why Weber has been a successful, profitable company since 1893."

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Fernando Costa disse...

Recentemente numa viagem de trabalho a Berlim deparei-me com uma loja Weber onde decorria um evento no interior. Olhando melhor, em letras bem grandes li: "Weber Grill Academy"! Estava a acontecer a magia da Weber no interior da loja, numa cidade que tem menos de metade das horas de exposição solar que qualquer casa portuguesa...para churrascar.

CCz disse...

"Estava a acontecer a magia da Weber no interior da loja"

Muito retalhista a precisar de acordar para esta realidade.