segunda-feira, outubro 03, 2016

Pricing para a subida na escala de valor

Um trecho curto mas que resume bem uma série de temas importantes para o pricing, para a subida na escala de valor, para o aumento das margens:
"With  respect  to  pricing,  the  literature  has  only  fairly  recently  expanded  from  its microeconomic  foundations  to  incorporate  the  notions  of  customer  heterogeneity, bounded  rationality,  and  imperfect  competition. [Moi ici: OMG até que enfim!!!] Core  elements  of  profitable  and effective pricing are the abilities to create meaningful differentiation, to quantify the (differential)  value  to  customers,  to  measure  customer  price  elasticity,  to  segment customers, and to document value to customers. In the scale development process these items obviously play a vital role."
Trecho retirado de "Pricing capabilities: the design, development, and validation of a scale", publicado por Management Decision Vol. 52 No. 1, 2014 pp. 144-158

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