quinta-feira, outubro 20, 2016

Plataformas e novas formas de competir

Agora, voltar ao "Mongo e os gigantes" e relacionar com "Platforms Are Transforming How We Need To Compete":
"Clearly, much has changed since Porter wrote his book nearly a half century ago. Today, we live in a networked world and competitive advantage is no longer the sum of all efficiencies, but the sum of all connections.  Strategy, therefore, must be focused on widening and deepening links to resources outside the firm.
So we increasingly need to use platforms to access ecosystems of talent, technology and information.
So this new era of platforms offers great opportunities, but also great challenges. We now need to design our organizations for agility, empathy and interconnectedness, rather than for scale, dominance and efficiency."
Considerar também "Investors Today Prefer Companies with Fewer Physical Assets":
"Since the industrial revolution, companies have raced to accumulate the most raw materials, properties, plants, and equipment, believing that owning and having more was the equivalent of being worth more.
suddenly, in the digital age, the physical assets that the big industrial companies have acquired are becoming more and more burdensome."

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