quarta-feira, outubro 19, 2016

Pense nisto

"Every product is born with an expiration date. Why? The world is constantly changing. [Moi ici: Quantos empresários percebem isto e as suas implicações?] There are countless examples of this: environmental concerns push people to consider eco-friendly products, new technologies offer new ways to solve people’s problems, trends in fashion and human behavior bring products in and out of favor, and so on. The fact that all products can expire is unsettling for innovators until they realize that they don’t have to let change come to them. They can be proactive and be instruments of change.
Apple didn’t create the iPhone as a response to declining iPod sales—to the contrary. Apple began development of the iPhone four years before sales of the iPod were their highest.
For many businesses, this type of thinking is unheard of, even counterintuitive. Why would Apple pour a tremendous amount of money into researching and developing a new product that would kill its top seller? Even more interesting, Apple had never made a phone before. It would have to develop new technology, new intellectual property, and new manufacturing processes - completely from scratch! Had Apple’s management lost its mind?"
Pense nisto para evitar ter de correr atrás do prejuízo com as calças na mão.

Trechos retirados do livro de Alan Klement, "When Coffee and Kale Compete":

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