sexta-feira, outubro 21, 2016

Está a caminho da irrelevância?

Acerca do truque para subir na escala de valor apostando na interacção, apostando na co-criação, apostando não naquilo que se transacciona mas naquilo que se obtém com o que se transacciona, um texto para reflectir em "You Are Your Dream Client’s Second Brain":
"Your dream client wants to work with someone who knows more than they do in that person’s area of expertise. They need someone who has the knowledge they are missing so that they can fill in the gaps. Your prospective clients want to work with someone with subject matter expertise in their domain, as well as the situational knowledge that comes from spending time helping people with problems, challenges, and opportunities like theirs.
The dream clients you call on could learn more about your area of expertise if they wanted to. But they don’t because they believe you are supposed to be doing this on their behalf.
If you aren’t reading newspapers, magazines, and journals (on or offline) to keep pace with the changes in all the things that might affect your dream client’s business, you aren’t going to be invaluable.
Showing up without a point of view about your client’s greatest risks and threats and the real dangers they are facing makes you irrelevant. If you don’t have a irrelevanireel on the opportunities available to them, then you lack the ability to consult with them on what is possible. If you can’t provide information, experience, ideas, and recommendations, then you literally can’t be an advisor."
Não pensar que isto é só para consultores. Qualquer PME industrial que não pense desta forma está a caminho da irrelevância e morte. Recordar os consultores de compra.

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