terça-feira, outubro 04, 2016

Acerca do trabalho em Mongo

Outra previsão feita há vários anos neste blogue:
"The time is ripe for entrepreneurs, but will employees survive the next evolution? Maybe, but they're going to have to change, now.
The work world is shifting in favor of those who want to do something, contribute, create, innovate, make meaning, and own their lives. Recent studies show the workplace is headed in a participatory direction that will not accommodate traditional employees stuck in Industrial Age management structures.[Moi ici: Conjuguem isto com DIY, com democratização da produção, explosão de tribos, tribos mais aguerridas, plataformas cooperativas e Mongo]
Trend #1: Crowdsourcing and Crowdsource services. People will work everywhere and some will never meet. Just-in-time labor will reduce the number of permanent employees.
Trend #2: Productivity measured in outputs, not hours.[Moi ici: Tantas discussões sobre a produtividade e os salários portugueses porque a maioria só mede as horas]
Trend #3: Values vs. rules. Values, which guide and encourage personal initiative, will be more prevalent than rules, which box people in, dull their thinking, and keep them from innovating.
Trend #4: Employee-led innovation. The best innovation will come from the "bottom up," not from management or R&D departments."
Trechos retirados de "Unmotivated Employees Won't Like Where The Work World Is Headed"

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