domingo, outubro 23, 2016

Acerca da importância da clareza

"we identify two types of companies with purpose. The first type, high purpose-camaraderie organizations, includes companies that score high on purpose and also on dimensions of workplace camaraderie (e.g. “This is a fun place to work”; “We are all in this together”; “There is a family or team feeling here”). The second type includes high Purpose-Clarity organizations that score high on purpose but also on dimensions of management clarity (e.g. “Management makes its expectations clear”; “Management has a clear view of where the organization is going and how to get there”).
When we replaced our initial measure of purpose with these measures capturing the two types of purpose organizations, we found that only the high Purpose-Clarity organizations exhibit superior accounting and stock market performance."
Não basta um bom ambiente, é também preciso clareza sobre qual o destino e como vamos lá chegar.
E vale a pena sublinhar o papel das chefias intermédias:
"We also found that middle managers and professional workers seem to be the key players in driving this relationship, not hourly workers and not top executives. This last finding underscores the absolute importance of fostering an effective middle manager layer within firms: managers who buy into the vision of the company and can make daily decisions that guide the firm in the right direction.
Ultimately, our study suggests that purpose does, in fact, matter. But it only matters if it is implemented in conjunction with clear, concise direction from top management and in such a way that the middle layer within the firm is fully bought in."
Trechos retirados de "The Type of Purpose That Makes Companies More Profitable"

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