quinta-feira, setembro 29, 2016

Uma questão de identidade

"Leaders know they need to outperform their competitors to succeed — not by hitting the target with just one or two products, but by winning consistently across their businesses, time after time. To accomplish this, one must have clear answers to some basic strategic questions about the enterprise and its identity:
Who are we?
What makes our company unique?
What is the basis of our advantage?
What value do we create, and for whom? 
[Moi ici: E a sua empresa, consegue responder a estas perguntas? Como pensar em fazer a diferença se não nos conhecemos?]
Most companies, however, don’t have answers to these questions.
It’s not that executives who can’t answer these questions lack management skills or ability. Most business leaders are experienced in solving problems and moving their enterprises forward. The problem is that conventional wisdom of mainstream business practice makes it difficult to think clearly about fundamentals. Many companies, for example, have been chasing growth at any cost in recent years, building a wide range of products and services to address interesting market opportunities. But pursuing growth without understanding the fundamental advantage that drives the enterprise’s success has left them with an undifferentiated portfolio of products and services. They are average-to-good across the board but great at nothing."[Moi ici: Uma doença infelizmente muito espalhada por cá, fazer um pouco de tudo sem chegar a ser radicalmente bom em alguma coisa
Trechos retirados de "Connect Your Firm’s Strategy to Its Identity"

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