quinta-feira, setembro 29, 2016

Stress e mudança de vida

Quando li a frase de Nassim Taleb, "stress is information", foi na decisão sobre o que fazer com essa informação que pensei. Muitas vezes a informação desse stress é um sinal de que a empresa precisa de mudar:
"If you don’t like how things are going, tell a different story.
Sometimes strategic change just means taking something from the periphery — an anomaly, a demonstration, a small innovation — and redefining it as central. Put the past in perspective, not as a set of constraints or excuses, but as a springboard to new actions. Motivate change by creating a new narrative showing how success will be achieved and why the elements are in place to get there.
Leaders who create the future can start by rewriting history.
Narratives should be rewritten when they inhibit rather than inspire. Individuals and institutions can get bogged down by narratives that suggest inevitability — “it has always been this way, it was meant to be this way, and it couldn’t possibly change.”
Narratives are powerful leadership tools. People remember stories more readily than they remember numbers, and stories motivate action.
But leaders should tread carefully. Stories should be evidence-based, meeting a plausibility test. [Moi ici: Lembrei-me logo da viragem da página da austeridade] They should be principle-based, with enduring truths embedded in them that won’t shift on a whim. They should permit action that is open-ended, creating not-yet-imagined possibilities."
Só o stress pode pressionar as empresas para a reflexão que precisam de fazer para mudarem de vida.

Trechos retirados de "If You Don’t Like Your Future, Rewrite Your Past"

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