sábado, setembro 03, 2016

Podia ser em Portugal

Um exemplo do que acontece em muitas PME em Portugal, "Explosives Saved an American Company From Chinese Competition".
Empresa familiar, com muitos empregos que já não se justificam mas que não se eliminam porque são ocupados por familiares ou por trabalhadores leais há décadas e que são tratados como se fossem da família. Empresa com uma vasta gama de produtos, desfocada e perdendo dinheiro com a produção da maioria desses produtos... a mania da one-stop-shop.
"After three decades of losses brought on by changing technology and foreign competition, the family-owned business had been placed in the care of a court-appointed receiver—a form of bankruptcy.
The business logged revenue of $1.2 million in 2015 and projects $1.4 million this year. Its net margin now runs from 7 percent to 10 percent. Of the plant’s 20 floor workers, 17 have been rehired.
NEPT survived for three reasons. Like auto manufacturers and airlines, it shed liabilities as it emerged from receivership, though with less fanfare. Then it limited production to only those tubes that no other company, here or abroad, can or is willing to make. Finally, Cournoyer refused to give up.
didn’t have access to the company’s records on its more than 500 products, so he began building a detailed spreadsheet. That’s how he discovered NEPT was losing money on more than two-thirds of what it made.[Moi ici: Quantas PME são capazes de dizer quanto ganham (ou não) com cada SKU que produzem?]
The owners of family businesses can have a hard time seeing a company as an asset rather than a way of life,
The bottom line: A paper-tube maker in Rhode Island avoided collapse by refocusing production on 140 products where it can still make money."

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