sexta-feira, setembro 30, 2016

Para reflexão

"What is it that feels so wrong about wearing a necktie now? The answer is: consumer attitudes. It’s not really about the tie, it’s about how consumers feel about themselves. It’s not that the fashion has changed, it’s that the culture has changed. The necktie isn’t a symbol of authority, stability and knowledge as it was in the past. It’s a symbol of subservience. Most people now expect that a person with a tie has a job where they say things like, “you can find that in aisle five” or “your car will be right up.” And you don’t consider people with ties sources of authority anymore.
What does the necktie symbolize? Conformity, commercialism, mass production. Those are the opposite of values that consumers now want. Today consumers want artisanal products, personalized for them, not mass produced in China. They want things that are produced locally and ethically. They want their things to give them a feeling of belonging, to be authentic to the consumer’s lifestyle. They want their clothes to reflect how they feel about themselves and their place in the world. In that schema, the tie is just the wrong message. Unlike other garments, it’s not about the color or fabrication, the whole thing is just wrong now. Ties for professionals are off-message, they say the wrong thing about the wearer."
Trecho retirado de "Socks Are The New Neckties"

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