domingo, setembro 25, 2016

O futuro da produção chinesa

A propósito de "China’s Factories Count on Robots as Workforce Shrinks":
"China’s appetite for European-made industrial robots is rapidly growing, as rising wages, a shrinking workforce and cultural changes drive more Chinese businesses to automation. The types of robots favored by Chinese manufacturers are also changing, as automation spreads from heavy industries such as auto manufacturing to those that require more precise, flexible robots capable of handling and assembling smaller products, including consumer electronics and apparel.
At stake is whether China can retain its dominance in manufacturing.
“China is saying, ‘we have to roboticize our industry in order to keep it,’”"
 Qual era a vantagem competitiva da China?
"In addition, the average hourly labor cost—defined as wages plus benefits—of $14.60 in China’s coastal manufacturing heartland has more than doubled as a percentage of U.S. manufacturing wages, from roughly 30% in 2000 to 64% in 2015, according to Boston Consulting Group, making the country less competitive as a destination for manufacturers."
 A China tem de se "especializar" em trabalhar para o seu enorme mercado interno porque vai cada vez mais perder a vantagem do custo para o resto do mundo.
Um robot dinamarquês ganha tanto como um robot chinês.

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