quinta-feira, setembro 22, 2016

Clientes-alvo e estratégia

A nossa grande preocupação quando trabalhamos a vertente estratégica com empresas:
"These examples both illustrate an aspect of smart strategy that companies often overlook: choosing a unique definition of their target customer to gain a competitive edge or minimize head-to-head competition.
Of course, sometimes strategy works in the other direction: You choose your value proposition and let customers self-select.
Sooner or later, though, this approach to strategy will require sharper thinking about target customers
The best strategies always include a sharp definition of the target customer. And the more unique it is, the better. For example, if your competitors define their target customers by where they are — say, in certain parts of the world or in particular parts of town — you could instead define them by one or more of the following:
How they buy (perhaps through specific channels)
Who they are (their particular demographics and other innate characteristics)
When they buy (for example, on particular occasions)
What they buy (are they price buyers or service hounds?)
For whom they buy (themselves, friends, family, their company, or their customers).
The possibilities are infinite. They key is to distinguish your strategy, and give your business a competitive edge."
Identificar os clientes-alvo!

Trechos retirados de "Why Distinctive Customer Targeting Is a Smart Strategy"

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