domingo, setembro 25, 2016

Apostar nas experiências

"The challenge we face today is that competing products and services can’t stand out from each other on features alone. ‘Quality’ is no longer even negotiable,[Moi ici: Lembrem-se disto quando alguém vier simplificar a realidade e dizer que os asiáticos não têm qualidade] everything can be replicated, and innovation happens quicker that adoption.
the customer must value the experience of using a product or service
"More than 3 in 4 millennials (78%) would choose to spend money on a desirable experience or event over buying something desirable" - Eventbrite
"With millennials now accounting for over one fourth of the total U.S. population, their high focus on experiencing life supports the growth of an economy driven by the consumption of experiences."
The fitness industry has evolved from machines to experiences. Interactive and sometimes now immersive virtual experiences. ‘Wellness’ product and service providers are quickly needing to evolve from services to experiences to appeal, and stand out in a growing market."
Mas atenção:
"With our events we always explore all elements of an experience"
Mais do que eventos, mais do que acontecimentos únicos, recomendo a aposta na experiência durante as rotinas do dia-a-dia.

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