sexta-feira, setembro 02, 2016

Acerca do propósito de uma empresa

"The article begins by fatally limiting the possible choices into “two camps”:
“The first believes the company’s goal is to maximize shareholder value. Countries that operate under common law, including the United States and the United Kingdom, lean in this direction.
“The second advocates that the company balance the interests of all stakeholders. Countries that operate under civil law, including France, Germany, and Japan, tend to be in this camp.”
The professors miss the third option enunciated by Peter Drucker as long ago as 1954: that the purpose of a firm is to create a customer by continuously delivering value to customers, as shown by the experience of firms like Apple, Google and Amazon.
Bezos could hardly be clearer. At Amazon, shareholder value is the result, not the operational goal. [Moi ici: Recordar a obliquity e o nossa velha diferença entre objectivos e consequências] Amazon’s operational goal is market leadership."

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