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Acerca da proposta de valor

O que é uma proposta de valor e porque é que é importante.
"the value proposition is argued to be the enterprise’s single most important organizing principle and that so few enterprises formally develop, communicate and use value propositions,
This work described the value proposition as a promise of value to customers, combining benefit and price. These authors argue that competitive advantage is achieved by effectively delivering a superior value proposition to a chosen group of customers. A successful value proposition provides the basis for differentiation and the foundation for an ongoing buyer-seller relationship. The importance of the concept lies in forcing an organization to clearly articulate the basis on which it will compete in its chosen markets, which requires careful understanding of valued benefits, from the customer perspective. Value propositions are acknowledged to form an important part of an enterprise’s business model.
we adopt Rintamaki et al.’s definition of a value proposition as “an encapsulation of a strategic management decision on what the company believes its customers value the most and what it is able to deliver that gives it competitive advantage”. A value proposition consists of physical/technical enablers that create the conditions for the service experience. Value propositions encompass the functional and emotional benefits of an enterprise’s brand. The value proposition is distinctive but closely related to the concept of a brand. A brand has two tasks: creating a relevant and compelling value proposition; and making this proposition credible. The brand connects directly to the customer through a targeted value proposition. From a service-dominant (S-D) logic perspective, branding represents a communicative interaction process in which firms support the intended meanings of their value propositions. An organization’s value proposition provides a mechanism for achieving brand consistency and continuity by reinterpreting brand and customer value across the entire organization."

Trechos retirados de "Developing superior value propositions: a strategic marketing imperative" de Adrian Payne e Pennie Frow, publicado por Journal of Service Management, Vol. 25 No. 2, 2014

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