domingo, agosto 14, 2016

"you are not selling a one size fits all offering"

"When you lose a deal, you own that loss. You have to believe that you could have done something different, something that would have turned the tables in your favor. Most of the time, there is something that you could have done that would have helped you win the business. But, not always.
Your business strategy can preclude you from winning deals. In fact, if you sell constantly with your company’s overall business strategy, you will lose deals because your business strategy is designed to ensure you lose.
If you work for a company that has made the decision to compete by creating compelling, differentiated value, that choice is going to preclude your ability to win by having the lowest price—or even by matching a competitor’s price.
Sometimes, however, your prospective client purchases a lower price, a lower value solution, because their constraint is real and difficult to overcome. In this case, your business strategy protects you from taking business that doesn’t allow you to deliver the value intended because you can’t afford to deliver it at a lower price.
These losses come with the choice of strategy. This doesn’t mean you’re wrong, and it doesn’t mean that your strategy is wrong. It means that you are not selling a one size fits all offering."
Recuar a 2008 e a uma frase que ficará para sempre gravada na minha mente:
"the most important orders are the ones to which a company says 'no'." 
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